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ART Comparisons - OLD and NEW

Grasp the importance of computer enhancement

Most of the art depicted on this website was executed over forty years ago. It has been moved around several times and stored in the best storage places practical. Nevertheless some degradation has occurred due to temperature fluctuations and moisture content in the air. It has been carefully photographed with digital camera and reworked by employing latest designer software. Tom Draper gave over two thousand hours of his time to the computer optimisation process between June 2016 and April 2017. This enabled significant enlargement of most of the drawings and paintings as seen in the examples illustrated below and in the HOME, SHOP and ART PRINTS pages of this website

Look at the enormous improvement

The original size of the interpretive doodle oil painting 'Lab Dance' is provided above (23.5 x 31 cms). This size is multiplied 6 times to demonstrate to the viewer of this page at the right,  that the largest art prints (with the catalogue number extension 'L') will be of outstanding definition  through manipulation with design software. At top left  of this page see the same print  in an un-enhanced state. In some prints, spacial  texture, acquired through the photographic process, will be retained, thereby enhancing the appeal of the prints. Two other details of very large prints are depicted below.

Detail otherwise barely possible with an oils paint brush or coloured pencils.

If you like to have a laugh at the realities of life for most adventurous people, then Tom Draper's Interpretive Doodle Art may fit the "bill" for you. We are not around for very long. Of course some who were fortunate enough to find "true love" early in their lives may not in part comprehend some of the situation analogies depicted. They don't know what they are missing!!! Incidentally all computer work was executed through the employment of Affinity Photo and Affinity Design software.

Origins of my felt pen drawing - "Our World in 1975"

AN ORIGINAL DOODLE from the 1970's. (This is the 'ultimate' doodle interpreted later as a political statement)

SKU1009: You can imagine here that I had an idea and instantly grabbed the first piece of paper within my reach. It just happened to be a copy of the weekend edition of the Augsburger Allgemeine local Augsburg newspaper. I was in the area at the time.

The "polished" interpretation of the above doodle is featured to the right..

  • The egg consists of the constituents of Carbon 14 (protons/neutrons)
  • The "out of puff" represents the break-up of the Soviet Union
  • The upper right-hand branch represents abortion
  • The blue/black right-hand branch represented the anti-baby pill
  • Yellow muscle in the "leg"represents China building strength
  • The club foot represents the "west" all in a "knot"
  • "Start Bereit" directly translated from the German means my creative instincts were "ready to take off"

Title: "Our World in 1975"